About Us

HaveAPuff is an online retail smoking accessories shop that caters to smokers and smoking accessories dealers alike. We believe in a free world where everyone has a right to smoke. We give our customers the best smoking experience by providing exquisite merchandise including hookahs, cigars, vapes, marijuana.

We understand the fact that for many, smoking is a means of self-expression; we're dedicated to elevating our customers' confidence through giving the best smoking experience. HaveAPuff provides a platform where smokers can shop without reluctance and not feel stigmatized. After all, "we're all puffers in our own way."

HaveAPuff specializes in designer smoking products like hookahs, vapes, pipes, ashtrays and lighters, exotic marijuana, and Cuban cigar. We revive and explore the spirit and rituals of smoking through offering great designs of smoking accessories just for you. We urge our customers to breathe deeply, disconnect from the busy world around us and savor the pleasure of smoking.

We're HaveAPuff, and we offer all you need to have a pleasurable puff.

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