10mm Female to 14mm Female Adapter


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This adapter fits your 10mm male jointed dab rigs. It turns the joint into a 14mm female joint, transforming your dab rig into a water pipe. This clear glass adapter allows you to smoke dry herbs and tobacco out of your concentrate pipe.


CLEAR GLASSThis piece features sleek and clean clear glass that allows you to watch this concentrate rig or water pipe function. Clear glass allows you to watch the bubbles stack as your smoke/vapor percolates.

FEMALE JOINTThis item features a female joint. It will fit all male jointed pipes and accessories of the same size.

10MM JOINTThis item features a 10mm joint size. It will fit 10mm pipes/accessories of the opposite gender.

14MM JOINTThis item features a 14mm joint size. It will fit 14mm pipes/accessories of the opposite gender.


Joint Size

  • 10/ 14mm female
  • Allows Use Of Dry Herbs With Dab Rigs
  • Fits 10mm & 14mm Male Joints
  • Clear Glass
  • Female Joint
  • 10mm Joint
  • 14mm Joint