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Find Doge V4 24 Mm RDA by Congrevape at
Find Doge V4 24 Mm RDA by Congrevape at
Find Doge V4 24 Mm RDA by Congrevape at
Find Doge V4 24 Mm RDA by Congrevape at
Find Doge V4 24 Mm RDA by Congrevape at
Find Doge V4 24 Mm RDA by Congrevape at

Doge V4 24 Mm RDA


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The DOGE V4 RDA by Congrevape is the modernized system following the popular DOG3, delivering a versatile 24K gold-plated interchangeable build deck platform with the intricate details the DOGE series has known for. Another outstanding creation from the founders of Congrevape, the DOGE V4 measures a 24mm in diameter in high-quality stainless steel construction with stunning finishes. The DOGE V4 implements the new oblique Ceramic Drip Tip, standardized for 810 format, greatly reducing heat transfers and practically melt-proof under normal circumstances. The engineering prowess lies within the two 24K gold-plated build decks included in every set, featuring the highest specifications of PEEK insulators as well. The 4-Post Build Deck implements a split-post design, top-secured via hex flathead screws with an 11mm juice well for a wide variety of complex configurations. The other build deck features a two-post build deck with clamp mechanism in which coil leads are placed onto the 4mm bridge clamp section and tightly top-secured with slotted screws. Both deck designs are capable for squonking functionality, with a bottom-feed 510 pin for squonk-ready set-up. Airflow enters the entire structure through a laser-cut Cyclops airslot design on each side of the apparatus, delivering a direct-to-coil effect. Brilliantly designed with precise executions for high-performance set-ups, the Congrevape DOGE V4 RDA is a must-have for building enthusiasts.


  • 24mm Diameter
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • Two Types of Build Decks - 24K Gold-Plated
  • 4-Post Build Deck - 11mm Juice Well
  • Single Terminal Per Post - 3mm by 2.5mm Openings
  • Top-Secured via Hex Screws
  • Two-Post Build Deck - 7mm Juice Well
  • Clamp Mechanism - 4mm Bridge Space
  • Top-Secured via Phillips Screws
  • Dual Side Airflow Control - Cyclops Design
  • Single Air Injection Hole
  • Squonk-Ready 510 Pin
  • 10mm Oblique 810 Ceramic Drip Tip 
  • Gold-Plated 510 Pin

    Package Content

    • 1 x DOGE V4 RDA
    • 1 x 24K Gold-Plated Four-Post Build Deck
    • 1 x 24K Gold Plated Two-Post Clamp-Style Build Deck
    • 1 x 810 Black Ceramic Drip Tip
    • 1 x Magic Blue Screwdriver
    • 1 x Spare Parts & O-Rings