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Ald Amaze Lemon 3ML Refillable Replacement Pod


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The Lemon cartridge is made of semi transparent material which is easy to check the e-liquid level while vaping and can prevent the coil from being burnt as the e-liquid runs out .

Ald Amaze Lemon is a refillable cartridge integrated with Dual Ceramic Coil System, convenient bottom-fill method, dual airflow design, and 3ML of maximum E-Juice capacity.

ALD Amaze has innovative and unique DCC system that gives you pure flavor without burnt coil and avoids liquid leakage with the special system.


  • Dual Ceramic Coil System (DCC)
  • Dual Airflow Design
  • Refillable 3.0mL Pod Juice Capacity
  • Easy Bottom-Fill Method
  • Resistance: 1.8Ohm

Package Content

  • 1 X Ald Amaze Lemon Replacement Pod/1 PCS