Amy Deluxe Oriental 911 SHIHAB (Amy Deluxe 911)
Amy Deluxe Oriental 911 SHIHAB (Amy Deluxe 911)
Amy Deluxe Oriental 911 SHIHAB (Amy Deluxe 911)
Amy Deluxe Oriental 911 SHIHAB (Amy Deluxe 911)
Amy Deluxe

Amy Deluxe Oriental 911 SHIHAB (Amy Deluxe 911)


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Hookah Amy Deluxe Oriental 911 SHIHAB  (Amy Deluxe 911) - refers to the new cool hookah series  Amy Deluxe ORIENTAL, which combines the sophistication of the oriental style and modern know-how for smoking technology. This model, like the ORIENTAL series, appeared on the market in early 2017. Amy Deluxe 911 comes complete with a bell-bell in Arabic style, a beautiful shaft, a new mouthpiece, a flat saucer, and  Amy Deluxe Smoke Box  (kalaud) is already in the standard kit. The height of the hookah in full collection is about 80cm.

In this hookah the most recent developments and technologies were realized, thanks to them the quality of smoking, cooking and using the hookah is greatly improved.

Wide tubes and ports provide better traction and easiness of inspiration, there is a feeling that resistance to inhalation is completely absent. The massive mine  Amy Deluxe 911  has excellent heat dissipation properties, it works all the time, it cools the smoke remarkably well, and when you smoke you can feel how the mine warms up well, it shows that heat is taken from the smoke passing through it and is released into the environment.

In the kit of Amy Deluxe Oriental 911  there is a silicone hose made of soft elastic silicone of high quality, which does not bend and perfectly conducts the smoke. Silicone Amy does not have an unpleasant smell, and is more elastic than cheap Chinese hoses for example. The mouthpiece Amy Deluxe Long in this hookah is  made of brushed-anodised aluminum, and it is no longer demountable as in previous models, but the length of the mouthpiece has remained the same as before 40 cm, conveniently lies in the hand and just like the tip is made of anodized aluminum. Thanks to elastic silicone and a convenient mouthpiece, you can easily smoke a hookah by a company of several people and transfer the hose to each other, it's convenient.

The special charm of the Amy Deluxe 911 SHIHAB hookah is  given by a multicolored LED backlight that turns hookah smoking into a magical process, a play of light, colorful shimmering inside the hookah, and a smoke lit by various colors, will be remembered for a long time by everyone with whom you will enjoy the shisha of Amy. LED-illumination is controlled by the remote control and is purchased separately, and can be placed in a special slot located in the bottom of the bulb. 
To the hookah Amy Deluxe ORIENTAL 911 fits the round illumination  AMY, KAYA and from the hookah Temple.

In the box along with hookah, you will find the branded clay cup Amy , and a convenient device for controlling the heat Amy Deluxe Smoke Box (kalud) , which is used instead of foil.

Hookah Amy Deluxe 911 series ORIENTAL  will be an excellent gift for important people (VIP), friends and appreciate the hookah art.

The height of the hookah: 80 cm.

Package Content

  • a heavy metal shaft;
  • a bulb of durable glass (capacity 2 liters);
  • flat saucer;
  • silicone hose (150 cm);
  • a mouthpiece made of brushed anodized aluminum (40 cm);
  • firm clay cup AMY;
  • Amy Deluxe Smoke Box  (Calaud) - a device for controlling heat;
  • silicone sealants;
  • Stylish forceps for coals of increased length;
  • gift box Amy Deluxe.