10" Bubble Beaker with Clear Glass Hooked Horn Accents - HaveAPuff
10" Bubble Beaker with Clear Glass Hooked Horn Accents - HaveAPuff
10" Bubble Beaker with Clear Glass Hooked Horn Accents - HaveAPuff

10" Bubble Beaker with Clear Glass Hooked Horn Accents


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This 10" clear glass bubble beaker water pipe by DankStop is your new go-to bong due to its simple and easy-to-use construction. Made with 4mm thick glass tubing, this water pipe sits on its 3.5" wide base and is designed with a standard rubber grommet style joint glass downstem with a fitted funnel style slide with a glass pinch-handle. The slide measures 3" in length total and has a deep bowl that measures 1" in diameter at its widest to allow a large bowl pack. This, as always, is optimal for passing around a group of friends or simply for a solo smoke session. The scientific glass style bong is designed with two unique clear glass hooked horns as part of its straight tubing. The horns protrude from different angles, making your new bong a one-of-a-kind piece without having to break your budget in doing so!


BEAKERThis water pipe features a scientific 'beaker' shape at the bottom of the neck. Easy to clean and hard to tip over, these are great coffee table bongs.

ICE CATCHERAn ice catcher is a pinched place in the neck of the water pipe that allows the user to put ice cubes into the pipe. The smoke passes through the ice and is cooled for smoother hits.

45° JOINTThis item features a joint at a diagonal 45º angle. Use with other 45º pipes and accessories.

FLARED MOUTHPIECEFlared mouthpieces have elevated glass around the mouthpiece which make it conform perfectly to your mouth for superior comfort and an airtight seal while smoking.

FIXED DOWNSTEMThe downstem is a glass tube that funnels smoke from the bowl towards the bottom of the bong. This specific type of downstem is fixed into the joint and functions as a perc by distilling smoke with its slits or holes.

SCIENTIFIC GLASSScientific glass means this pipe is made from a clear borosilicate glass. It features a “laboratory” design, and usually an overall shape that resembles scientific equipment (glass beaker chambers, straight tubes, etc.).

RUBBER GROMMETA rubber ring with a hole in the center, which leads into the water pipe's main chamber. For use, a male bowl slide should be inserted into the center.



  • 10 inches
  • 10" Clear Glass Bubble Beaker
  • 3.5" Base Diameter
  • 4mm Thick Glass Construction
  • Funnel Style Deep Bowl With Pinch Handle
  • Grommet Style Joint And 3" Long Slide Bowl
  • Rounded Lip 5mm Thick Glass Mouthpiece
  • Rubber Grommet-Style Glass Downstem
  • Two Clear Glass Hooked Horns To Accent Tubing
  • Beaker
  • Ice Catcher
  • 45° Joint
  • Flared Mouthpiece
  • Fixed Downstem
  • Scientific Glass
  • Rubber Grommet