Find CE4 Atomizer - Clear by CE4 at
Find CE4 Atomizer - Clear by CE4 at
Find CE4 Atomizer - Clear by CE4 at

CE4 Atomizer - Clear


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Designed for the eGo and compatible with all eGo series batteries, The CE4 Atomizer version 2 provides longer wicks for more consistent flow of juice to the coil in any position.The eGo CE4 Atomizer plus has visible markings showing how much e-Liquid you have inside. The atomizer heats up your liquid evenly and cleanly, dont about leakage or dripping.The nicely shaped drip tip screws on to seal making it leak and spill resistant.


  1. Easy to fill the e-liquid into the eGo ce4 Atomizer. Just take off the CE4 Atomizer inhaler tip, fill the e-liquid, and then screw back the inhaler tip onto the eGo CE4 Atomizer. 
  2. Huge capacity, eGo ce4 Atomizer can hold about 1.6ml of E-liquid.
  3. Fits nicely on an eGo giving a clean finished look. 
  4. With scale on the eGo CE4 transparent Atomizer , you can see how much nicotine you inhaled. 
  5. Longer wicks for more consistent flow of e-liquid to the coil in any position.
  6.  No burning, no leaking. Very large vapor.This product is intended for aromatherapy purposes only. Do not dispose after first use this is a reusable tank.


  • Resistance: 3.0 Ohms(Normal resistance)
  • Diameter: 14mm
  • Length: 68mm (with tip)
  • Weight: 12g 
  • E-liquid content: 1.6ml